Privacy Statement

Type Of Information We Collect:

Oakseed Opportunity Fund collects non-public personal information as we receive it in the form of application and contract information. This information includes, but is not limited to:

  • Name, addresses, and phone numbers
  • Beneficiary and survivorship information
  • Client financial institution account information and authorized contacts
  • Client transaction histories and performance information
  • Other information required for transacting business on behalf of the client


Affiliates To Whom We Disclose Information:

At this time we have no affiliates to whom we disclose information.


Non-affiliated Parties To Whom We Disclose Information:

We will disclose client information to non-affiliated service providers when necessary to transact business on behalf of the client or when necessary to assist us in communicating with the client. Such organizations might include client, bank, or accounting representatives (when authorized by client), our auditors, our legal counsel, and non-affiliated service organizations when hired by us to assist in client communications (information limited to name, address, and phone number) or product distribution. We do not disclose information about our former clients (other than to the parties described above and for purposes listed above).


Type Of Information We Disclose:

We only disclose information as necessary to transact business in customer accounts and to present performance statistics. In addition, we must provide information necessary for audits and all other information as required by law. Client references are disclosed with prior approval of the client. We do not sell our client information.